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Directions and Map

The Westerly Condominiums, 2351 NW Westover Rd, Portland, OR 97210

The closest major intersection is NW 23rd & Everett.

The Westerly can be accessed from NW Westover or from W Burnside. 

NW Westover Rd can be access from NW 25th, NW 23rd Place (off Burnside), or from NW Flanders. 

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Parking and Transit Information

The Westerly is located in a parking district with limited street parking. Streets here are public and governed by local laws, which are vigorously enforced. To help you in your efforts to get here and, if driving, to find parking while visiting us, we've created the information below. The Westerly does have a private parking garage, however, please note that each unit is assigned specified parking spaces, which are located behind our gates, so if you're given access to our private parking garage, please do not park in any other space(s). Vehicles over 7 feet tall are not allowed to park in the building. Most parking is timed street parking, with limits ranging from 1 to 2 hours. The adjacent parking garage and parking lot, belonging to Uptown Center, is meant for customers while shopping at the center and also has a 1 hour time limit. Please do not utilize the public garage area or parking lot as the Uptown Center does ticket. Nearby parking garages are available. Location and pricing (subject to change) is outlined below.


Williams-Sonoma Lot (31 spaces) $3.00 per hour Enter under the store on south side of NW Flanders St & NW 23rd Ave

Pizzicato Pizza Lot (47 spaces) $3.00 per hour Enter on the north side of NW Glisan St behind restaurant at NW 23rd Ave

Elizabeth Street Lot (32 spaces) $3.00 per hour Enter on the south side of NW Irving St behind the former store at NW 23rd Ave

Papa Haydn Lot (19 spaces) $3.00 per hour Enter on the north side of NW Irving St behind the restaurant on NW 23rd Ave

Lovejoy Lot (11 spaces) $2.95 all day Enter on the south side of NW Lovejoy behind Nob Hill Bar & Grill at NW 23rd Ave

Shoguns Gallery Lot (13 spaces) $4.50 all day Enter on the north side of NW Marshall St behind the gallery at NW 23rd Ave

McMenamin's Lot (40 spaces) $1.50 all day Enter on the north side of NW Savier St behind the restaurant at NW 23rd Ave


The Westerly Condominiums are also conveniently close to MAX, Streetcar and several Tri-Met bus stops. Please use the following information to help in using Tri-Met to visit The Westerly. Those looking to hike from the Oregon Zoo MAX station or from Washington Park/Int'l Rose Test Garden, click here for step-by-step directions.

For additional information, routes, schedules, and trip planner, visit

MAX - Red/Blue / Closest Stop: JELDWEN Field

STREEETCAR / Closest Stop: NW 23rd & NW Lovejoy

BUS - Line 20 / Closest Stop: NW 23rd Pl & W Burnside

BUS - Line 15 / Closest Stop: NW 23rd & W Burnside

BUS - Line 18 / Closest Stop: NW 23rd Pl & NW Westover

BUS - Line 17 / Closest Stop: NW 21st & Everett

What's Nearby

You'll enjoy taking advantage of the many items of interest that are nearby our community.

Visit our What's Nearby Page to find out more.

Information for New and Prospective Owners

On behalf of the Board and residents of The Westerly Condominiums, we would like to take this opportunity to say “welcome to our web site.” We hope you enjoy visiting (and, perhaps, living) in this wonderful, green and LEED™- certified building.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a friendly, safe, and secure environment - one that protects the high quality and livability of The Westerly. You'll enjoy being next to Portland's most-extensive wilderness park, with out- our-front-door access to the vibrant energy of the shops and services of the renowned Alphabet District. Everything is literally footsteps away from us, from the hiking trails and gardens of Washington Park to the everyday amenities of the restaurants, retail establishments, markets, health care providers, service organizations and entertainment options located steps away. Downtown Portland and the Pearl District are just a short walk or streetcar/Max ride away but, if you must take your car, you'll appreciate the easy access to the freeways and bridges reached via Burnside, Everett and at the north end of 23rd Avenue.

Our community includes people of all ages and backgrounds who've selected The Westerly to be their home (or home away from home) and to share in the use and upkeep of the common elements of our building. As we're a condominium community and, as such, living in close proximity to one another, we want Owners, Residents, and Visitors to our building to appreciate the fact that there will be restrictions on your lives and activities that are different than living in a single-family home or apartment.  For example, while as an owner of a single family home, you might be used to having the unrestricted ability to keep a certain number of pets, remodel your kitchen or bathroom or store a cord of firewood on your patio, these are practices that are governed here by the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of our Homeowner's Association and it the responsibility of all Owners, Residents (and their Visitors and Guests) to be aware of - and abide by - those Bylaws, Rules and Regulations while on premises.

The maintenance of the value and the livability of our condominium require the interested participation of all members of the Association in the quality of life offered by the Westerly Condominiums, both as a community in which we participate and as a property that we maintain.

To learn more of the details on the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations that govern daily life in our Condominium (and your responsibilities in being part of our Community), please contact our Property Manager to obtain a copy of our Welcome Package. Important topics covered include: Rules, Safety & Security, the basic information required from Residents, insurance requirements, remodeling and construction guidelines, moves and deliveries, association fees and other pertinent information.

The living spaces at The Westerly place a large number of people and activities into a relatively small space.  Condominium living requires a great deal of respect for the needs and rights of neighbors as well as formal rules and regulations.  When Owners purchased a Unit at The Westerly Condominiums, they joined an Association and agreed to both the Declaration and the Bylaws. The Rules and Regulations are designed to maintain the high quality of living the residents expect at The Westerly Condominiums, and we ask that all visitors and guests please abide by them.

Building Access

No one may enter the building or garage without using the security system, or having someone inside the building open the door or garage gate.  Guests or other visitors should contact the Owner or Resident they're visiting - or the Concierge at the front desk, during the hours they're on duty - by using the entry access system.  Long-term visitors must register with the Concierge in the main lobby

Moves and Deliveries

All moves or deliveries must be scheduled with the Concierge at least one week (or 48 hours, for deliveries) in advance. Owners and Residents will be charged the cost to repair any damage done to common areas, so it is important to check with the Concierge in advance as to the specifics concerning any move or delivery. Hours for Moves and Deliveries to Residential and Commercial Units are limited to Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  No moves or deliveries are allowed on Sundays or Holidays.

Residential Moves - All residential move-ins and move-outs must be scheduled through the Concierge at least one (1) week in advance of the move.  All moving firms must show proof of insurance coverage.  Moving personnel must use the entry system and register upon arrival with the Concierge.  Moving personnel must check-out upon completion with the Concierge.  Because this is a secure building, doors to the building may not be propped open unless they are monitored at all times by Association HOA supplied security personnel. There are move in/out fees associated with all moves.  At the end of the move, or the end of each day if the move takes longer than one (1) day, the corridors and elevator must be cleared of all debris.  Packing materials and boxes may not be placed in the garbage chute.  These materials must be placed in the trash and recycling bins located on the second floor. All boxes must be broken down flat and placed in the appropriate container. If a resident's material will not fit in the container, contact the trash collection company directly for pick-up at resident's expense.  Ask the Concierge for name of trash collector.

Deliveries -  All deliveries of large items, items that require moving equipment, or items that could damage the Common Elements must be scheduled with the Concierge at least 48 hours in advance.  All delivery personnel must use the entry system and register with the Concierge.  All deliveries, scheduled or unscheduled, must be done through the 2nd floor delivery entrance.  Delivery hand trucks are not allowed in the first floor main lobby.

Remodeling - All remodeling, alterations, maintenance and repair work must be carried out according to the rules and regulations of The Westerly. The Concierge can provide you with the appropriate forms. Contractors are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in these documents. They must check in with the Concierge, follow work hours and other rules as outlined. Owners should take responsibility to ensure that their insurance covers any problem that might result from remodeling, alerting, maintaining, or repairs that occur in their units.

Contractor and Vendor Regulations

While each Contractor or Vendor who visits the Westerly Condominiums may do so for a different reason, there are some basic things you'll need to know and abide by during your time here. It is the Owner's responsibility to ensure that all contractors, vendors and other service people follow the Contractor Regulations - For a complete set of Contractor-related forms and rules, please click here to download our most-recent document(s). Please note that violations of these Contractor Regulations by an Owner or Contractor may subject the Owner to fines in accordance with Section 5 of the Rules and Regulations. Any expenses incurred by the Association for noncompliance with these Contractor Regulations will be charged to the Owner. It is to the benefit of all parties concerned that Property Manager, Owner, and Contractor work together, but if a contractor commits multiple infractions of these rules, at the discretion of the Board, he or she may be banned from working at the Westerly

Working Hours for activities taking place within Residential Units - 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.  No work is allowed on Sundays, Holidays or after normal contractor hours unless it is for an emergency that potentially threatens life, health, property or environment.

Use of Elevators and Carts by Contractors and Vendors - If delivery of materials and equipment necessitates the extended use of the elevator, it must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance with the Concierge. Contractors shall work with Unit Owners, Occupants and the Property Manager's on-site staff to ensure that the elevator shall only be locked off from normal use while it is needed to transport materials, equipment, and other project-related items. The Association owned carts are expressly for the short-term use of residents only and may not be used by Contractors or vendors.  Contractors and vendors are required to provide their own carts and dollies.


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